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Renovate Direct - Receive quotes on all your building, plumbing, tiling, electrical, landscaping, paving and pool projects.        Register and request a quote its that simple no more phoning around.        Renovate Direct is a portal for consumers to receive quotes on all their renovation and home improvement projects directly.

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Renovate Direct - Certified Members

It's difficult to know which Service Providers conduct themselves professionally, our rating system helps you decide, but it still leaves doubt.

There is no doubt when it comes to a Renovate Direct Certified Member, because these are members we approve of. We have reviewed their skills and professionalism, their past history on RenovateDirect, and various contact methods available.

Users with a Certified Member status always carry out in the most professional way, because they have agreed to abide by the Certified Member terms & conditions.

How do you recognize a Certified Member ?
They will have the following icon beside their username:

How does one become a Certified Member ?
You must fill out an application, meet the minimum requirements, provide information about yourself or your company, and pay a fee. We will review your application accordingly & decide on whether or not you qualify for the Certified Member status.

How does a Certified Member benefit from this?
Many Customers seek professionalism more than anything else. And there is no better way to prove your professionalism to everyone than to be recognized as a Certified Member at RenovateDirect.

Certified Members will get special attention, we will post your logo's for all Customers to see, your quotations will appear in bold letters to make them stand out more, and other promotional advertising will be done which will bring attention to your services.

The Certified Member status basically tells people you are a long-term member of RenovateDirect and you can be trusted.

Apply to become a Certified Member.


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