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Janice Anderssen - Decor and DIY Expert

Budget Bathrooms

While you may envision your ideal bathroom with a sunken tub, steam shower and marble floors, many homeowners don't have the budget for these dream rooms

(ARA) - A modest budget doesn't mean you can't create a bathroom that is stylish, updated and enjoyable. No matter what your budget, there are many things you can do to add design and style to your bathroom. Celebrity American designer, Vern Yip, offers a few ideas for ways you can add these elements while still following a R10,000 budget:

Vanity and Countertops
Since it is the working area of the bathroom and often the focal point, you may want to replace the current vanity with a pedestal sink or a new vanity. This will automatically add an updated, new look to the bathroom. Pedestal sinks often make the room look larger and more upscale than a vanity, but if storage is a concern, a new vanity is the wiser, more functional choice. Or, if the vanity is in decent shape, try working with what you have and just replace the countertop with an updated material such as ceramic tile. Also, don't forget to update or add coordinating knobs and pulls on the vanity.

Faucet and Accessories
Once your have added a new vanity or countertop, be sure to complete this focal area with new taps and fittings. Today these are available in a variety of designs and finishes to match your decorating style as well as meet your functional needs. These coordinating accessories can instantly update the look of your bathroom

Paint and Colour
Inject colour and style into a bathroom with new paint. Since it is a smaller space, choose a colour that you love but might not be brave enough to use in a larger, more prominent room. Be sure to tie your colour together with coordinating towels and even a shower curtain.

Since the bathroom is one of the most used and abused rooms in the home, try updating the flooring with ceramic tile. Or, you might even try natural stones, such as granite, which offer a more luxurious and sophisticated look. Today's natural stone floors come in a variety of colours and patterns that can add a unique and upscale look to your bathroom.

Water Closet
While you may not think of a toilet adding style to a room, a shiny new toilet (perhaps to match a new sink) can give your bathroom a fresh new feeling for you and your guests to enjoy as well as a coordinated look.

Window Coverings
Remove old valances and let in more natural light with simple, open window treatments. Replace old vinyl blinds with faux wood blinds that offer the designer look of genuine wood blinds without the associated cost.

Article courtesy of www.home-dzine.com . Click here for more home design ideas.


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