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Janice Anderssen - Decor and DIY Expert

Increasing the value of your home

With ever increasing house prices, home ownership has become a very good investment indeed. Regular maintenance to ensure your investment retains its value is a matter of importance, not to mention the fact that you like to have a home with stunning good looks!

There are several major maintenance factors that need to be given due consideration at least once a year.

Leaking Roof
"Raindrops keep falling on my head." Normally if one sings this verse it sums up happy thoughts, but not so if the raindrops are coming through the roof. A leaking roof can result in substantial expense if not remedied in time. A standard ceiling installation is constructed with plasterboard - a highly absorbent material. Any wetness can result in sagging, marking and even collapse of the ceiling. Make it a habit to check ceilings and around cornices at least once a year for signs of damage.

Rising Damp
While wetness from above is a major concern, so can wetness from below. A modern design fault with newer houses is to construct them in such a way that water does not drain away correctly and can collect around the property. If insufficient damp proofing was installed during the construction of your home, damp will most definitely be appearing in the near future. Any signs of damp, such as flaking or bubbling paint, should be investigated and attended to immediately. Potential disaster areas for damp are showers. While most showers are tiled from floor-to-ceiling, odours and stains on grouting will be visible.

Cluttered Gutters
South Africa is prone to heavy, unforeseen downpours. If guttering is not kept in good condition, or becomes blocked with organic material, this can cause problems.

Exterior Painting
Few of us love the task of repainting our homes. The fuss, the mess and the time it takes to do a professional job. If you are in a position to do so, call in professional painters. They normally quote for the entire job - no extras, and leave your home looking like new. For those of you who would rather undertake this project yourself, there is an easy way - get organized!

Article courtesy of www.home-dzine.com . Click here for more home design ideas.


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